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An impenetrable ecosystem of blockchain-powered digital healthcare solutions to improve the future of healthcare and pharmaceutical


A blockchain-based health services management solution that delivers a seamless experience across all stations of a patient’s journey towards treatment.


A personal health assistant built-in medSheets, medic can both type and talk, designed to make healthcare handsfree and utilize EHR to its true potential.


A decentralized data marketplace that puts precious health data to greater use with patient’s informed consent to various stakeholders in the healthcare sector.


A peer-to-peer ADR reporting system with the transparency and immutability of blockchain that delivers first-hand timestamped ADR reports directly from the patients.


An NFT based full-proof anti-counterfeiting solution with real-time supply chain tracking, operating exclusively on highly secure blockchain servers.


A decentralized social networking app tailor-made for health and wellness with a state-of-the-art Identity & consent management system.

About medGrids

With an aim to deliver trust, transparency, and genuinity across the healthcare industry, medGrids presents a unique blockchain-based healthcare ecosystem that inevitably unites disparate and highly competitive services along the healthcare continuum. Our goal is to create a truly patient-centric healthcare experience with decentralized applications on medGrids blockchain-powered network.

Our mission is to eliminate intermediary barriers, delivering the patients not only access to their data but also control over how their data is used and can be shared.

Token Info

Join our token sale for a front-row seat in the grand leap towards a truly decentralized digital healthcare ecosystem.

Pricing Schedule:

Phase Tokens Price Bonus %
1st 50000000 0.04 50 %
2nd 50000000 0.05 45 %
3rd 50000000 0.06 20 %
4th 30000000 0.08 10 %
5th 10000000 0.1 0 %
6th 10000000 0.11 0 %

Token Distribution

medGrids aims to raise an amount of US $12 million in the ICO to finance the full development and implementation of the platform

Token Distribution :

Expense Distribution
Token Sale 40 %
Team 15 %
Airdrop 5 %
Advisor 5 %
Bonus 12.5 %
Community 12.5 %
Growth and Strategic Partners 10 %
Total : 100 %

Road Map

Stay Informed and Witness our commitment and consistency towards the development and execution of medGrids

Meet Our Team

medGrids brings together a team of highly innovative and talented visionaries at work under the guidance of long experience holders as advisors.

Meet Our Advisors

medGrids brings together a team of highly innovative and talented visionaries at work under the guidance of long experience holders as advisors.

Frequently Asked questions

Allow us to help you navigate through our platform and clear your doubts and queries about medGrids

medGrids maintains ownership of data by our in-built identity and consent management system. The Privacy Dashboard clearly depicts the real-time usage of your data and the access permissions given by you with the option to revoke the permission in a click.

Every NFT comes with a unique digital signature which makes it impossible to be copied or exchanged with another. At the user end, products can be simply scanned through their smartphones and verified with a green or red tick.